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Listed here are various candle-related stories (historical and informational) and poems. Not only do we enjoy making and creating candles, we find the history and stories inspirational and enjoyable to read.

Stories and History of Candles

The Candle In The Window
The Christmas Candle
Christmas Candle Traditions
Hanukkah Candle Lighting
History Of The Advent Wreath
Legend of The Bayberry Candle
Candles and Groundhog Day
The Paschal Candle


Bridal Shower Candle Poem
Candlelight Poem
The Candle
The Four Candles

Candle Tip of the Week

How To Light Floating Candles

Floating candles make lovely centerpieces for a dinner party, a welcoming display on a bathroom counter or romantic lights for a pool, pond or bathtub. You can use floating candles anywhere you can find water to float them in. In order to enjoy the effect of floating candles you must first learn how to light the candles, which seems tricky because they are surrounded by water, but is actually very simple.

1. Gently place the floating candles in the body of water you want to float them in.

2. Touch the flame of the candle lighter to the wick of each candle one at a time.

If a floating candle gets wet and the flame goes out, try to relight the candle. Candle wicks are covered in wax, and therefore should relight even if damp as they don't absorb much if any water. If the candle won't relight, however, heat the wick with the candle lighter to dry the wick, then it should relight.